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Rose Essential Goat Milk Soap



Attar of Roses returns us to an era when antique roses were luminous, voluptuous, and grew with wild abandon. Quartered cups full of rumpled tissue-paper-petals exude intoxicating scent, perfuming the entire garden. Exotic, romantic... Opulent silken petals with a very fine pure damask rose fragrance were the inspiration of artists, poets and lovers the world over. This Attar of Rose fragrance combines spicy sweet scent with whispers of apple, and myrrh classic to Damask roses. Faint hints of orris, peppery notes, sun drenched dew and air complete this true to life antique Damask rose fragrance. The scent holds in the soap very well.


This is a wonderful Rose soap. I'm not a big fan of rose fragrances or oils, but this is the old fashioned rose and it smells divine!! Even people (like me) that aren't fond of rose scented products pick up the bars at the farmer's market a shocked expression comes over the face and they say that smells wonderful. I always smile and say I know. :)




Made with goat milk, olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide,  almond oil, Attar of Rose and sodium lactate.



You are buying one bar of soap weighing approximately  4.5 ounces.


Goat featured on label is Merry Christmas. She was born on Christmas day 12-25-11. She has two brothers Rudolph and Nicholas. Her parents are Rue and Peppy LePeuw. She is a full sister to Sadie who was born February 29, 2008. This picture was taken on New Years Day when she was one week old. She's a precocious little bottle baby and very spoiled. :)

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