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Dragonfly Moonflower Goat Milk Soap


Deep in southern roots you will find whispers of the scent of Dragonfly Moonflower. The light of a silvery moon awakening the scent of night-blooming flowers, the gentle sway of Spanish moss tickling the bark of summer woods, fresh garden herbs nestled into a soft earthy bed and a fine mist of dew settling upon the skin. Dragonfly Moonflower is a soft and wonderful fusion of warmth and mystery; an ethereal fragrance. This is a cold-process soap made with olive oil, goat milk, coconut oil, almond oil, sodium hydroxide, palm oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, fragrance oil, and sodium lactate. You are buying one bar of Dragonfly Moonflower soap weighing approximately 4.5 oz. The goat featured on the label is Maggie, one of the original GoatieGirls. A wonderful highly productive milker, sweet yet mischievious. Once she kicked a whole pail of milk over when a fly landed on her. When Ginger shook her finger at her, she hung her head, then she laid her head across Ginger's legs and gave her this "Am I forgiven?" look. She also loved to grab Ginger's cell phones by the holder and run away with it. A very special goatie girl. Thank you for shopping at GoatieGirls, and God bless you! :-)

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