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Passionate Pomegranate Goat Milk Soap


Pomegranate.... is a sweet and tangy scentsation dripping with juicy fruit fragrance. Pomegranates are believed to be the original "Forbidden Fruit" that Eve was seduced by. Passionate Pomegranate is a sensory fusion of crimsion rouge sweet-tart fruit, with a finish of sprinked sweet sugar to create an absolutely mouth wateringly juicy Pomegranate sensation. This fragrance is divine.


Made with 100% goat milk (no water added), olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, sodium hyroxide, almond oil, , fragrance oil and sodium lactate.


Featured goat is Sugar, she had twin bucklings (one looked like camoflauge), she has a brother Gunner and a sister Mia. She is the daughter of Sadie and Bucky. A real sweet milker girl.


You are buying one bar of soap approximately 4.5 ounces.


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