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Goodbye darling Rue February 2004 to 2012

Rue was one of those goats that challenge you.  She taught me a lot and we sort of grew up in the goat world together.  She was only 4 months old when I got her and 4 of her half siblings in June 2004.  She was a beauty.  We got our first buck in September of that year and she immediately when down and flagged her little tail at him.  No matter that I said no not this year.  She drove him crazy.  She had her first kids in February 2006.  Bogie and Bacall with Blackie.  (The sweetest buck that ever lived.)   Rue had a tendency to throw colorful buck kids and girls that were usually mostly solid black as you can see from the pictures of her.  We use to butt heads severely over milking.  Once I retired and started bottle feeding Rue was just fine with me feeding the kids and her playing with them.  She gladly got on the milk stand then.  Like I said she was a good teacher.  The last couple of weeks she started keeping her distance from the rest of the herd so I moved her to the birthing pen and the stall that she had her kids in.  I petted and pampered her and gave her all her favorite treats.  I made sure she had treats, hay and water were in easy reach and said goodnight to her last night.  I left the light on for her and said I'll see you in the morning Rue Rue.  She was really happy and alert.  Better than she'd been in days.  When I got up this morning to check on her she was laying with her head on the hay like a pillow and looked like she went peacefully in her sleep.  Goodbye Rue.  I'm really going to miss you!