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Jessica Rankin

Soap Maker and Owner


Ginger Ballard

Soap Maker and Founder

Jessica's mother was my dear friend and goat mentor.  She started me on the path to GoatieGirls with three of her Nubian yearling does which she always referred to as-- The "Goatie Girls"  Thumbelina, Curly Sue and Maggie.  I was gone hook, line and sinker from the very first moment they put their hooves on our farm.  I found a wonderful buck "Capering Valley's Black Knight".  Blackie was the sweetest buck you could ever meet.  Then came our first kids.  So exciting!!  I began experimenting with cheese, soap and lotion.  I love everything about goat milk.  So when it came time to find someone to help and eventually take over GoatieGirls I couldn't think of anyone I would rather have than Jessica.  She's been working with me for months to learn all my recipes and the way I like things done.  :)   She's worked  very hard and it just seems fitting for GoatieGirls to just go full circle. 

Thumbelina, Curly Sue , and Maggie

And a beautiful Ragdoll cat named Fang.  We found
 her in our birthing stalls on October 10, 2005.  A single kitten
almost hairless and no mother in sight.  We raised her on our
goat milk.  Today she is a beautiful, healthy and much loved
addition to our family. 

April 2007 we added another member to our family Awesome Doll
"Dolly" an Australian Shepherd puppy.  She's beautiful and intelligent. 
I am looking forward to learning with her.

In May 2007 we had another addition to our little family.  Another kitten in the same
birthing stalls we found Fang.  We've named this little girl GiGi "Gray Ghost".  At
first I thought she was about 3 to 4 weeks old, but I have revised my first estimates
 to double that.  She weighs 1lb 4 oz.  This picture taken 5-26-07.  Dolly finds her
quite fascinating.



GiGi 5-25-07

July 2007 saw  another new addition to our little family.  GiGi had a

sister that I had been unable to capture.  She finally allowed me

 to approach her with food.  She has a hurt leg and will be going

to the vet with GiGi Tuesday.  We named her Sabrina. 

She was almost half the size of GiGi. 

Pictures taken 7-21-07

I am happy to report that  Dolly, GiGi and Sabrina have been spayed/neutered.
The girls operations went great with no problems.
Sabrina and GiGi   10-3-07  Happy Loving Sisters

Imagine my surprise when I woke up went outside to let the chickens out and get the paper---there in the front yard were these two little cuties.  I believe they are sisters.  Meet Duchess and Lady Bug (mostly black one).

The picture below is Punky.  She showed up in our birthing stalls in May 2009 with her mom and 2 brothers.  One brother Elvis went to live with Julie.  We don't know what happened to her Mom and the other brother.  They were gray like Punky.  Elvis was black.  Punky is now over a year old still small for her age.  She has the same eyes as GiGi and Sabrina plus their coloring is the same.  We think they are probably related but that's just a guess.  Punky is a delight and even though I told her we couldn't handle any more kitties in the house.....she thought otherwise and you can see who won. :)

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Goatie Girls Products sells 100% goat milk (no water) soap. This is made with various oils. (Olive oil, Palm oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil)
We also sell goat milk lotion. Made with goat milk, fractionated coconut oil, sweet almond oil,  jojoba oil
 and either essential or fragrance oils. 

Goat's milk is a natural alpha-hydroxy. It's rich in Vitamin E,A and
the B vitamins and it's easily absorbed into the skin.

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